Ahead of the Herd
Rogue Engineering has the solution to your power requirements
in the field.  The
Rogue Solar Power Systems include everything you
need to bring power to your site. It will generate as little or as
much power as required to operate your system 24/7.  Our systems include the following:

One Solar panel
  ( panel size to be specified based on power needs)
One Rogue Battery Regulator/Charger  
  (choice of several models based on power requirements)
One weatherproof box
  (size will also vary with requirements)
Wiring cable with attached leads for solar panel
One battery  
  (size varies based on power requirements)

Rogue Engineering Inc. can also supply you with
radios, motor
control components or any other type of instrumentation
may require for your application.  We have the
engineering capabilities to design and the
manufacturing capabilities to
produce your product to fit your requirements. Our system
can be purchased, designed to fit a particular need, assembled
and shipped directly to you or your customer. If you prefer,
individual parts can be ordered. Easy to read directions and
illustrations make installation simple. Large screws and
nuts make handling materials more user-friendly even if you
are in a cold climate needing clumsy gloves.
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